Heroes are not born, they are forged by the fires of adversity…

Thousands of Years Ago, a group of friends risked everything to Save the World. They became Legends. Now here are their stories.

Our Book Collection

Buying one or all of our novels, will support the rise of women heroes in Literature. It's an investment in our Youth's future. Imagine a bright future where everyone is judged not by their gender but by their skills. A world where girls do not have to be pushed towards previously male dominated fields because such a thing does not exist as girls already know that they can be strong, successful, agents of change or family leaders.

Tyal the Daughter of Flames

A New Name

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Becoming Phoenix

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Rise to Power

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The Daughter of Flames Chronicles

Legends Return TV Series

The Return of Legends is about a group of friends who risked everything to save the world. They became Legends. Now, they face an even greater challenge: Fitting-in the 21st century.

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