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Magic was her lifeblood, and when it disappeared, so did she. Then something many had stopped believing in, happened, and Magic suddenly became real once again. But it did not only bring back Tyal and her friends. Something else came back with them. Something dark, forgotten millennia ago. But the evil sorceress would be the least of their worries.

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A Page in the Saga

A Return of Legend Story

As a writer and filmmaker, Odellia has written and produced two bootstrapped movies. The first "The Blessed, the Cursed and the Forgotten One", the second "A Page in the Saga - A Phoenix Story".

While both films are within the "Daughter of Flames" universe, "A Page in the Saga" is about Tyal being reborn again in our time. Unstable due to the newly returned magic, and fed up to be the hero, this is her story.

From this movie was born the full script of what became "The Return of Legends", a soon to be crowdfunded series. Please make sure to subscribe and follow us on our social media channels (see footer) in order to be up-to-date with our activities.

The Blessed, the Cursed and the Forgotten One

Episode 1

While being introduced to Magic by their Guardian, a sister and a brother discover they have a missing sibling. As the mystery is slowly uncovered, they discover that its roots are deeply seeded in their mother's hidden past. A past she had longed buried and had worked hard at making it all go away. As secrets are revealed, the siblings drift apart, realising more secrets lay between them than they had ever known.

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